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The Mediterranean Pyrenees

Holidays in the sun with a deliously Catalan flavour !

Between the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees

Picture this …  In one direction, snowy mountain tops, the regal Pyrenees with Mount Canigou, the scared mountain for the Catalans.  Then, turn the other way, to see the Mediterranean, long sandy beaches and the rocky coast where Collioure sparkles …

In Catalan country, the mountain and the sea join together.  Between the two and at the junction of the three valleys, spreads the Roussillon plain, where Perpignan reigns, and the foothills offer aromatic scrub lands and their generous orchards.

Such generous land and heritage

The Catalan spirit can be found in the village squares, in the vineyards sculptured by the tramontage, the strong mountain wind.  It is unveiled via its rich heritage, comprising romanesque art, sumptuous abbeys, powerful forts and modern art.

Here you will find colours and light which have beckoned to the great artists such as Matisse, Derain, Picasso …

The generous landscape is proud of its wines, its aromas, its Catalan cuisine.

The Mediterranean way of life

This land has an authentic spirit with a deliously Catalan flavour.  The gentle pace of life is a cultivated art here.

The people are proud of their history and their Catalan identity, living and respecting the traditions, which welcome you !

Holidays in the sun

Whether you holiday by the sea, in the mountains, in the country or in town, it's got to be in the sun !

The sun shines more that 3000 hours per year, that is to say, more than 300 days per year, to everyone's delight.