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Catalan traditions

Come and discover all the know-how of traditional crafts, the sardane tradition Catalan dance and Catalan rugby...

Traditional craft activities

Catalan material, the espadrille (canvas shoes with a rope sole), iron work, garnets …  All these crafts and many more have been handed down through the generations;  blow glass, cork oak and hackberry crafts

All these can be found, well anchored into Catalan country, defying fashion and time …  They teach us the delicate crafts, carried out by the hands of those who have inherited the knowledge.  Each one of these objects is a precious heritage:  The Badine cross, finely worked gold and garnet, worn by mothers and handed down to daughters, is this not one of the most emblematic examples ?

There are also all these businesses that carry on the tradition and who open their doors for you:  Anchovy salting, delicate wines, honey, gingerbread, pottery, confectionary, etc …  To know more, go to "The discovery of the economy Tourist Guide"

The Sardane, the dance of the Catalans

Traditions in this corner of the world also means a dance, the Sardane.  This  circular dance « joins and parts », to the rythmn of the cobla, a typical orchestra comprised of 11 musicians.  The dancers, hands entwined and shod in « vigatanes » (laced canvas shoes with a rope sole), count the steps and the points.  The Sardane is danced in each town and village.  Picasso painted a lithograph of this dance « The Sardane of peace » (lithograph from 1953).

A passion for rugby …

This sport is king in Catalan country.  It attracts the passion of an entire people.  It is expressed here with all the fire and the strength of the people from the South. Rugby league is represented by the Catalan Dragons and rugby union by USAP, the 2009 French champions !

Unique Festivals

Different traditional festivals punctuate the calendar in Catalan country.  Amongst the most widespread, let us quote:  The Bear Festival in February, The Procession of the Sanch during Holy Week, The Fires of Saint-Jean in June, The Winepicking Festival in October and at Christmas, The Nativity Scenes.


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